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Hope y’all greasers aren’t mad at me for leaving my blog for such a long time! I’m back now and I’m ready to answer any questions and ship anyone who asks! I will be posting pics A LOT more now!

Anonymous asked: I'd like to be shipped. ;D I'm a girl, 5'4, dirty blonde hair, green-blue eyes with brown around my pupils. My hair is about to my shoulders and I'm not shy AT ALL. I'm very peppy and get...drunk off life a lot. I love to laugh and giggle, plus throw out some dirty jokes or comments. I'm very odd and love to creepy my friends and others out.

I ship you too Two-bit! You can get any boy you want in town but you can’t stop falling in love with Two-bit over and over again! You spend the whole afternoon watching Mickey Mouse and eating chocolate cake with beer! Then later you both lick the chocolate frosting off of each other.;)